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Does hypnosis work for an interview?


Answer by Allan Clews:

Yes. In a number of different ways. Here are some of the main ones:

If someone suffers from anxiety or shyness – when they go for an interview, hypnosis can help them to deal with these issues so they are able to be comfortable and fluent and do not sabotage the interview.

We can even set a post-hypnotic trigger that can cause the pituitary gland to release a burst of oxytocin, the bonding molecule, so the interviewee feels like they have already bonded with the interviewers and as a result they will give positive subconscious signals.

Hypnosis can also help an interviewee gain subconscious experience. For instance, if we rehearse something, such as going for an interview, while in a state of hypnosis, we will actually be creating a hypnotic hallucination that will have the same power and reality to our subconscious mind as a real memory.

This means that when we really go and do something for the first time that we hypnotically rehearsed, our brain will be tricked into believing it has done this before and has past experience to rely on.

Hypnosis and Toronto Hypnotherapy with Allan Clews

Does hypnosis work for an interview?


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