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George Gurdjieff Quotes



Everything in the world is material and, in accordance with the universal law, everything is in motion, the direction of this motion being from the finest to the coarsest matter and vice versa. Between these two limits there are many degrees of density of matter.

This transformation cannot proceed evenly and consecutively however much it should do so. At some points there are stops in the development, as it were, stations.

These stations are everything that can be called an organism in the broad sense of the word – the sun, the earth, man and microbe. These stations are commutators which transform material both in its ascending movement when it becomes finer, and in its descending movement towards greater density…

Therefore every substance has its own place in the general scale of matter… Commutators differ only in scale. Man is as much a transmitting station as, for instance, the earth or the sun; he has in him the same mechanical processes: the same transformation of higher forms of matter into lower, and of lower into higher goes on in him.” ~ George Gurdjieff Quotes


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