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George Gurdjieff Quotes


BPD Toronto Hypnotherapist Gurdjieff Quotes (324)

Our organism has the different kinds of fuel necessary for the different centers… [which] can be compared to machines working on fuels of different qualities. One machine can be worked on oil residue… Another requires kerosene; a third will not work with kerosene but requires gasoline… [T]he organism itself can be compared to a laboratory in which the combustibles of different strengths required by the different centers are prepared from various kinds of raw material. Unfortunately… there is something wrong with the laboratory. The forces controlling the distribution of combustibles among the different centers often make mistakes and the centers receive fuel that is either too weak or too easily inflammable. Moreover, a great quantity of all the combustibles produced is spent quite uselessly; it simply runs out; is lost. Besides, explosions often take place in the laboratory which at one stroke destroy all the fuel prepared for the next day. ~ George Gurdjieff Quotes


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