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Hypnosis and Allergic Skin Reactions


“Modulation Of Type I Immediate And Type IV Delayed Immunoreactivity Using Direct Suggestion And Guided Imagery During Hypnosis”
Allergy Volume 44(8): 537 – 542.
Zachariae R, Bjerring P, Arendt-Nielsen L.

Eight highly hypnotizable volunteers were recruited for this research study where it was found that when these subjects were given suggestions while in hypnosis to decrease their reaction to a histamine prick test, there was a significant reduction in the inflammation of the skin when compared to a control group. This study confirmed numerous anecdotal reports that hypnotic suggestions can decrease inflammation and other allergic skin reactions.


Hypnosis, Addictions and Insomnia


“Hypnotic Dependent Insomnia in an Older Adult With Addiction-Prone Personality”
Clinical Case Studies, Vol. 2, No. 4, 247-258 (2003)
Cooper TV, Lichstein KL, Aguillard RN.

This research paper reports on the case study of an older man who had a history of engaging in addictive behaviour. When the authors of this research paper saw him, he was addicted to heavy sleeping pills. Not only were the authors able to use hypnosis to help him successfully break free from this addiction, but they were also able to help him overcome his insomnia and improve the quality of his sleep.

The Sweetness In Life

When someone who suffers from from Type II Diabetes, see a good hypnotherapist, the hypnotherapist will ask them when they lost the sweetness in life — and why are they so filled with thoughts of regret over things deep in their past they should’ve could’ve and would’ve done.

Hypnosis Works On The Body, Thoughts and Feelings


When someone who suffers from an auto-immune disease — such as psoriasis or arthritis, where the body is attacking itself — sees a good hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist will ask them how they are beating themselves up mentally and emotionally — and not only use hypnosis to work on the body, but also on the thoughts and feelings.

Hypno-Sedation Really Works


The University Hospital of Liege in Belgium performs nearly 500 surgeries each year using hypnosis to control the pain because hypnosedation really works.

Hypnosis Has Been Used In Surgery


In the 1840’s Dr. James Esdaile used hypnosis to perform over 300 major surgeries. By doing so he reduced the rate of death which at the time hovered around 50% because of shock and other complications, to 5%. However, chloroform was invented during this period and so rather than taking 2 to 8 hours to hypnotically prepare a patient, doctors began to use chloroform because it worked right away.

Scientific Research Proves Hypnosis Really Works


Skepticism is important to science and doctors are very skeptical of things that cannot be proven through the use of the scientific method. They want to see the numbers that prove things work. Fortunately, hypnosis has been endorsed by the British, American and Canadian Medical Associations because it has been proven in so many legitimate scientific research studies to really work that it has that has been given that exalted label of being “evidence-based.”

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