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DBT Mindfulness “How” Skill # 3


• Throw yourself into social
situations & don’t hide away
• Become one with your
• Act intuitively from the WISE
MIND and do only what is
needed in each situation
• Go with the flow & embrace life

DBT Mindfulness “How” Skill # 2


• Put your experience into words
• Describe what you observe
(label a thought as just being a
thought, a sensation as a
sensation, a feeling as a feeling)
• Avoid judging or interpreting your experiences

DBT Mindfulness Skill # 1

DBT Mindfulness “How” Skill # 1


(Just Notice)

• Be aware and alert
• Do not cling to anything
• Have a Teflon mind
• Control your attention
• Step inside and observe
• Observe thoughts come and go
• Observe your sensations
• Observe what you can see, hear,
smell, taste and touch
• Observe your feelings

George Gurdjieff Quotes

BPD Toronto Hypnotherapist Gurdjieff Quotes (365)

There is a little secret there. It is that you are a big egoist. You only know yourself. You have no responsibility. It is because of that you lack this affirmative force. For everything that you have, everything that constitutes you, you are under obligation, and you must repay for all this, so that then other things may be given to you. But instead of this, you are astonished not to have received even more. ~ George Gurdjieff Quotes

Important Setbacks

BDP Toronto Hypnotherapist (365)

The most important setbacks are not those that lead to new opportunities, but those that lead to new understandings.

George Gurdjieff Quotes

BPD Toronto Hypnotherapist Gurdjieff Quotes (364)

Without self-love a man can do nothing. There are two qualities of self-love. One is a dirty thing. The other, an impulse, love of the real “I.” Without this, it is impossible to move. An ancient Hindu saying—”Happy is he who loves himself, for he can love me.” ~ George Gurdjieff Quotes

Grains of Sand

BDP Toronto Hypnotherapist (364)

Grains of sand must be fused together to make glass before they can allow the light to shine through. This fusion requires friction.

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